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Lessons are NEVER boring, guaranteed. Watch them beam with joy as they practice and perform the new songs they learn for their family & friends each week! Making them feel like a true rockstar.

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With small classes, bandmates, and great teachers, your kids will gain so much confidence they'll walk taller every single day. Get ready for all the amazing at-home shows!

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Rock Online is a positive, safe place to give your kids a creative outlet where they can learn to shred and write autographs for their family and friends. We make sure they are having fun at all times!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

MEET JAMES - Guitar Teacher🎸

Hi! I've been playing guitar and singing for roughly 10 years. If I had to pick ONLY 3, My favorite bands are The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys & Bon Iver, but there's honestly loads. I write my own music, been on UK tours and played some big festivals with my band, Vigilantes. The Vigilantes are one of the BBC introducing bands of 2020 which I am very excited about. In my spare time when I'm not playing, writing or performing, I watch a lot of cult films.

MEET SAM - Drum Teacher 🥁

Hi! I’ve been playing guitar for 13 years and drums for 8. My three favorite artists are Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jeff Buckley & Anthony Green. Last year I graduated in marine biology and started a business, in lockdown, I am planning my next business venture and always playing music 😄

MEET HEATHER - Vocals Teacher🎤

Hi, I’ve been singing since the age of 12. I gig with my best friend, doing popular acoustic covers in live venues. I'm a freelance musician and love working with different projects - whether that be facilitating music workshops, vocal coaching for a pantomime company, or creating a live show with young people. My 3 favorite bands are Def Leppard, Panic! At The Disco and Nickelback. I also love painting and drawing - from patterned animal portraits to landscapes with lots of movement and color.

About Rock Online

We get it, at first they're excited to learn, then the novelty wears off, and the guitar starts gathering dust, and you have to battle with the traffic and drag them to lessons. When they jam the Rock Online way, they learn from home- no driving for you! At Rock Online, lessons are NEVER boring, guaranteed. Learning & knowing how to play an instrument makes kids feel like they have their very own superpower! Watch them beam with joy as they perform the new songs they learn for their family & friends each week.

The weekly recorded lessons from their teacher, which can be accessed and repeated as many times as they like, allow the children to play along and learn the song, while live sessions give your little rockstars realtime feedback from their teachers and the chance to interact and socialize with other like-minded children. Try out Rock Online today!

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5 Star Reviews for Rock Online

Arthur's Parents


Just want to say thank you. Thank you for making Arthur believe in himself- he loves it. I was blown away watching him tonight!

Dakota's Parents


Dakota absolutely loves her drum sessions and had found a reason to love a Monday instead of moaning! It's such an epic feeling when she comes off the session exuberantly!

Dave's Parents


They have re-energized Dave's love of guitar playing and the whole set up is great. Thanks, Guys! Rock on.

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